Why Freedom?

Freedom is flow.

Climate change causes stoppages in flow. Technologies can help restore flow.

The world has never had more brains or technologies able to solve problems. If we can connect the top technology hubs with the most threatened regions, we can build ventures to enable flow.

3 themes of Freedom:

Air Mobility

Electric Economy

Wild Card

Why these themes are getting our attention now?

Why Air Mobility?

30% of the planet will be designated as protected areas by 2030. These areas are critical for the balance and flow of life on Earth. Roads and water transport cannot service these areas. Air mobility technologies can overcome the transport capability gaps of roads and water. 


Increase humanity’s freedom of movement by overcoming transport capability gaps faced by roads and water transport


  • Provide air transport for passengers to access nature

  • Provide air transport for cargo to be delivered between the global economy and nature

  • Provide aerial data platforms to predict threats from changes in nature

Why Electric Economy?

CO2 is accumulating in the atmosphere at a rate predicted to increase the average temperature on Earth by 1.5 degrees C by 2030. This increase in global temperature is predicted to increased threats to Peace[link]. Breaking free from the CO2 economy means adopting self-reliant systems for power using renewable energy. The technologies exist to do this today. But the rate of adoption for these technologies is slower than the pace needed to mitigate threats from climate change.


Enable entrepreneurs to shift to the CO2-Free Economy


  • Shift iconic nature area economies to the renewable electric economy

  • Increase the size and scale of forested areas as carbon syncs

  • Create financing innovation for CO2-Free Entrepreneurs

Why Wild Card?

Rapid and sudden changes are predicted for humanity. Experts, governments and large corporations do not know what will happen as the pace of change increases. No one knows. Creative minds need spaces to develop wild card ideas and have the power to act, move or speak as they want. Freedom to try ideas is critical for humanity to act at the pace of change.


Create an optimal environment for developing and trying ideas


  • Attract smart people willing to develop breakthrough concepts to address threats to Peace + Freedom

    Increase the rate and scale of ideas

Why Peace

What is your definition of Freedom?