📅 Current Programs


  • P+F internships are team-based programs promoting individuals of diverse origin and perspective

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Design Exchange

Design Exchange

Design Exchange

  • A 12 week summer program putting internships and mentorships to the task of designing the future and geared toward frontline environments

  • Current projects are focused on designing air mobility and developing Peace + Freedom Campuses in Africa

Junior Idea Tournament

  • A 2 day event in which teams from around the world gather to find solutions for threats, inspire new ventures, and promote Peace and Freedom

🔮 Future Programs

Peace + Freedom Challenge Conference 2024

  • Status: 2 locations in Africa negotiating to host conference

  • Expected launch: April 2024

Peace + Freedom Campus – 617 acres in northern Zambia

Peace + Freedom Campus – 617 acres in northern Zambia

Peace + Freedom Campus – 617 acres in northern Zambia

  • Status: under development

  • Expected Launch: April 2025

Airship Race 2024

  • Status: Design teams designing the race in Africa

  • Expected launch: April 2024

🕰 Past Programs

Idea Tournaments

  • 2021 Peace and Freedom Challenge

  • 2020 Addis Ababa Vision Exchange

Airship Race

Airship Race

Airship Race

  • 155 applicants from 26 countries

  • 6 were chosen to race airships built to deliver medical supplies to remote regions of the world

Design Exchanges

  • 1000+ participants from 50 countries

  • 25+ universities from 10 countries

  • Global network of mentors, advisors, sponsors

  • Proven platform for connecting frontline

  • communities with the world’s top universities

Environmental Vision Exchange

Environmental Vision Exchange

Environmental Vision Exchange

  • EVE is a Canadian registered charity program with over 30 years of experience of organizing cross-cultural exchange with the goal of unleashing youth potential and protecting the environment

  • +4000 participants from 30 countries

🧠 Mentors

Dr. Nat Quansah

Ghanaian ethno-botanist, Goldman Prize recipient, with 30+ years experience in conservation & health in Africa.

Happy Mwamasika

Tanzanian social entrepreneur with 20+ years experience organizing new ventures in health, conservation and entrepreneurship in Africa.

Matt O'Leary

Graduate of Peace + Freedom project in 1998 in Madagascar. 20+ years experience organizing idea tournaments & new ventures.

Prof. Patricia Randrianavony

One of Madagascar’s leading authorities in pharmacology and the analysis of plants for medical use. Dr Randrianavony among the university’s most active organizers of student programs for field research for innovation.

Mei Freeman

Graduate of Peace + Freedom project in 1997 in Madagascar. 20+ years experience designing curriculum for schools and field research internships.

Michel Rugema

Master’s of Hospitality Management from Cornell University with 30 years experience as an entrepreneur in Africa specializing in hospitality, transport and logistics.

Jay Godsall

Co-Founder, Canadian CEO of Solar Ship Inc. 30+ years of experience organizing global innovator exchanges with Africa.

Gaudeamus Mbabazi

Former COO UNICEF DRC with 30+ years organizing global resources for disaster relief, peace building and saving lives.

Muque Kigoma

Burundian entrepreneur and 30+ year organizer of women entrepreneur programs in Africa.

Mataka Nkhoma

Zambian entrepreneur with 25+ years organizing and managing finance for entrepreneurs and conservation in Africa.

Asamaning Quansah

French aerospace engineer from Madagascar with 3 years experience organizing university student idea tournaments in Madagascar.

John Kelly

Canadian lawyer by training with a focus on Sustainable Solutions Finance. His current focus is integrated transport electrification infrastructure as part of a broader mission to transform societies from petrol powered to sustainable electric.

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